The challenge of ensuring that development is translated into lasting behaviour change in the workplace

Companies no longer want to waste money on ‘sheep dip’ training that is soon forgotten and with poor skills transfer. They want the benefits of the training to be evident in the workplace such as:

  • Increased levels of employee engagement by leaders focusing on relevant behaviours likely to enhance discretionary effort
  • Delegates being accountable for their ongoing development in the workplace as they feel confident that their efforts are being noticed by others
  • Leaders that can retain high value Generation Y (Millennials) talent by learning to focus on behaviours that will make their staff feel more valued and motivated by them.

In short, organisations want measurable results from their people development programmes.

We incorporate the latest research in Neuroscience when we design programmes and workshops for our clients. We start with your end in mind, i.e. what do you want to accomplish in 12 months time? What will you see and hear the yourself doing differently in the workplace? By linking a customised 360 feedback to leadership and talent development workshops the delegates will feel their time, energy and effort is being spent wisely on areas that will benefit them in the long term.
The Q-OPD 360 feedback is linked to our unique Talent Enabler that helps the transfer of new behaviours into the workplace. We would love to discuss our ideas with you for your project. Do contact us!

Talent Enabler : a new way of embedding change in the workplace

We offer a solution: A process that links the 360 report, personality assessments, workshop modules and coaching into a resource that helps the practice and habitualization of new behaviours in the workplace.

Supports the 70/20/10 philosophy* – avoids wasting money and time on training that is not transferred into the workplace

Appeals to the Generation Y / Millennials with the involvement of smart technology and networking with colleagues

Takes the strain out of self-development and creates deliberate, focused self-development practice whilst they are working.

* That individuals obtain 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others and 10% from formal educational events.

From research with teams in many performance disciplines, we know that t development workshops alone won’t have a real, sustained impact on performance. Talent Enabler provides a means to support individuals and teams via coaching, online contact, instant survey feedback from colleagues, observation and easy to implement transfer of their learning back to the workplace, which is tracked over time.
Each programme is customised to meet the specific challenges and needs of the organisation.