High response rates to 360 feedback questionnaires indicate that the re is a huigh level of engagement within the process in the wider population of employees. When I reviewed the Q-OPD 360 feedback projects we have run over the past year, the average return rate was 92%. This high response rate is no accident, over the years we have developed a system whereby we work closely with our 360 Facilitators and clients to ensure that the groundwork is laid for a successful outcome.
The purpose of 360 feedback is to gain an external perspective of how effective an individual is in the context of their role. Research shows that on average the survey response rates are miserly 50% . As the normal number of assessors for a 360 feedback is 10 then the feedback is only from 5 individuals.
Obtaining a higher survey response rate reduces sampling error and enhance the generalizability of the results. This results in more accurate feedback upon which the individual can base their self development plans and future behavioural change.
Our tips for a successful 360 feedback project are:

  1. Address the important process issues prior to the launch of the 360 feedback
  2. Prime the participants to take an active role in their 360
  3. Close personal contact with the 360 feedback project – monitoring and checking the progress

If you are interested in talking through your 360 project requirements please contact Nina Len nlen@qopd.co.uk