Transform your performance through targeted Executive Coaching

short, focussed interventions for CEOs, board level staff, managers and key professionals with experienced coaches

Executive Coaching is recognised as the most effective way of impacting performance quickly and easily

It is widely acknowledged now that the development of non-technical skills in the workplace best occurs by:
1. Working through real world situations
2. Using tried and tested models of such skills as: leadership, management, corporate governance, communication, influence, negotiation, problem-solving, decision-making, motivation, self-esteem, emotional intelligence, presentation skills, etc.
3. Continually practicing newly acquired skills over the course of several months until they become habits.

How can your organisation benefit from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching confers many organisational benefits including:

  • Shortening the time to change and enhance performance in the development of leaders and key professionals
  • Enabling high potential talent candidates to realise their full potential
  • Providing workable solutions to problems; these may be of an inter-personal nature or be individual’s experiencing ‘career crisis’.

What is different about the Q-OPD Executive Coaching approach?

We believe in enabling individuals to overcome their specific challenges and impact their results by resourcing them with relevant skills, models and solutions that accelerate their growth and change. We use the latest Neuroscience techniques, 360 feedback, personality tools and the Talent Enabler process to make change simple, easy and lasting – ensuring that the new skills and behaviours become ‘second nature’.

Leaders account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement …

Most leaders have ‘positive illusions’ about their performance and often overestimate their skill level

Gallup 2014

What is the process?

We use a tailored, structured, outcomes-led process whereby the coach supports and guides an individual through the challenges they are facing. Depending on the challenge, our methodology includes a ‘benchmark’ of the situation using various methods:

  • 360 feedback (Q-OPD Strengths & Gaps 360) will provide a ‘reality check’ for focused development
  • Specific and relevant personality assessments provide insights into derailing behaviours, strengths, potential, values and motivators, conflict style and much more.

The coaching process will help the individual to develop their critical thinking skills and behavioural flexibility enabling them to maximise their effectiveness by:

  1. Clarifying issues and challenging unhelpful beliefs
  2. Evaluating options and deciding on a compelling course of action
  3. Accelerating behavioural change using the latest neuroscience techniques, including: ‘functional imagery training’ for goal achievement
  4. Put a practice plan in place in order to consolidate their new skills.

Q-OPD Executive Coaches

In these uncertain times leaders and managers are becoming even more accountable for not only bottom line financial results but also the impact they have on employee creativity, engagement and discretionary effort. Q-OPD Executive Coaching provides premiere level support for board level members, senior managers and individuals in key roles and does so in the context of their current jobs, without removing them from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Richard Lewis and Nina Len are highly-experienced business psychologists and former director-level leaders within industry, with extensive experience of working at C-suite level and senior managers and professionals specialists such as: CEOs, accountants, engineers, medical doctors, engineers, R&D and IT personnel, etc. We have considerable experience of working with clients not only in the UK but also in EMEA, FSU and Asia. ​

Feedback from coaching clients

To find out how we can help you or your company please email us a convenient time to call you and either Nina Len or Richard Lewis will call you personally.