360 feedback helps virtual teams work more effectively together

Recent research confirms that:
” 360 feedback has been linked to several positive outcomes like, improved performance, better interpersonal communication and smoother work relationships” (Rai and Singh)
“Perceived organisational support significantly affects employee performance” (Rai and Singh)
“An employee or manager who actively seeks feedback about his or her job performance is assumed to be more effective in his or her job than one who does not, suggesting feedback-performance link” (Asumeng)
“360 feedback is being used successfully as part of the performance system for decision making such as staffing, succession planning and high potential selection and development” (Bracken and Church)

What can Q-OPD offer your organisation that others cannot?

We help you to avoid the pitfalls and maximise the success of your 360 process – we are a safe pair of hands
“Newbold et al, identified some common pitfalls of 360 feedback: ineffective feedback process, difficult to use questionnaire, no briefings , lack of accountability and support post feedback.
Unique ‘gaps and strengths’ 360 report – saves confusion by easily identifying development areas and the degree of change required. The second ‘measuring change report ( 1 year later shows the progress the person has made in their development)
“Expectations that a single intervention of the 360 feedback process will change established levels of performance or differences to evaluations of self and others maybe unrealistic” (Shipper)
Options – Customized or ‘off the shelf’ 360 assessments.
Customised align behavioural questions in the 360 to the company’s strategy, values and culture
360 Accreditation for your HRD experts – save time and money by having internal facilitators to feedback to staff on development programmes. Senior staff should have external 360 facilitators to provide confidentiality
External Q-OPD 360 facilitator executive coaches provided to provide confidential feedback.
We provide technical support and reduce your administrative load – The 360 system is project managed so you get regular updates but do not have to manage the nitty gritty of 360.
Large and small projects – one person or 1,000 going through 360? We can manage. We have worked with companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Leo Pharma, ABG, public sector, NHS, internationally and with in UK. It is fully automated on line across time zones.
We will listen to your requirements and integrate your 360 feedback into the development process you want to support. E.g High potential manager development programme, or senior manager or board development coaching. We have the expertise to design all of the workshop and programme or link your 360 into an existing programme.
Contact Nina Len our 360 specialist on nlen@qopd.co.uk to chat over your requirement

360 Coaching plan of action that guarantees change

Four step 360 effectiveness plan
Many people are deluded regarding their performance and often overestimate their skill level. The Q-OPD 360 report will provide a ‘reality check’ for focused development.
1. Reality check the use of personality assessments and 360 feedback to inform and illuminate – how are the coachee’s behaviours helping or hindering their career progression and work results? We will help them understand what are their strengths, potential and blind spots. Key outcomes are to raise levels of self and social awareness understand how they are perceived in the workplace.
2. Identify decision criteria
We will help establish what really matters to the coachee in work and in life. This step ends with a set of decision criteria, weighted for importance, to guide the decision making process for the developmental plan. In addition this knowledge creates motivational momentum to drive the development plan over time
3. Gaining clarity and insight
We guide the coachee through this practical process, drawing upon a wide variety of sources, in order to identify and target the behaviours that will have most impact on performance
4. Working the practice plan
Making behaviour change easy, to maximise success. We share best practice from Neuroscience to enable the coachee to change their behaviour quickly and easily

What we offer independent practitioners

We provide a comprehensive training in 360 feedback and life time support – full accreditation
Ability to use our unique 360 system with your clients
A range of off the shelf standard questionnaires or you can have them customised to your clients behavioural questions and competencies

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