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We offer interactive, virtual programmes customised to your strategic objectives.

Leaders – What is leadership? A good leader gets outstanding results from their teams. How? By understanding how to motivate and inspire others to outperform even their own expectations. Programmes include: Next Generation Leadership; Coaching skills for Leaders Masterclass, Effective Senior Leadership development: Leadership and Strategic Impact.
Strategic Planning – In order to be successful managers must have the ability to first think strategically and then create a strategic plan. Strategic management, the discipline that encompasses these two elements, is about positioning the organization for a future that will almost certainly be very different from the past. Workshops include: Strategic Planning and Goal setting; Leadership and Strategic Impact.
Management development – Many middle professionals have a wealth of experience in handling day to day management issues and are ready for a bigger challenge. There are extra skills that will prepare them for the next level of management. Workshops include: Middle Management Development – Creating Future Leaders; The Complete Course on Leadership – A-Z of best practice.
Team workshops – creating high performing teams – aligning the team to fulfil the organisational strategy by enhancing work relationships in order to increase accountability and engagement. We run interactive virtual team workshops using leading edge personality assessments that make it easy to understand the strengths that team members bring to the team. Also, diffuse stress in teams by demonstrating how different members react to high pressure situations.
Organisational Culture – Create and maintain your unique culture by ensuring organisational values & standards are ‘bought into’ using a unique Strengths and Growth 360 assessment customised to your organisational culture.
Emerging Talent programme – Ensure your high potential staff feel valued by developing them early in their career. Establishing good people skills and habits are embedded early so that when they are ready to step into leadership positions they can ‘hit the ground running’.

What sets Q-OPD apart from other training providers?

Our passion is to create sustainable positive change in the workplace. We ensure that our trainings are utililised in the workplace by putting an accountability plan into action which guarantee success in developing high performance individuals, teams and leaders. These solutions for sustainable change are evidence based in latest neuroscience research.

Working with apps to help behaviour change.

phone enabled personality and 360 surveys for faster responses

Countries and Clients

We work within the public and private sectors and have specialist knowledge of the IT, Software, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial, Banking and Oil & Gas sectors. We regularly work with clients in UK, Europe, ME&I and Asia-Pacific

Welcoming our new client Multiplex leading the way in constructing iconic buildings

We offer expertise to help set up a 360 project for you and full range of 360 standard reports or a 360 customised to your values and competencies.
360 Facilitator Accreditation for L&D specialists and coache

Executive development to enhance gravitas, presence and political intelligence using a range of Personality assessments combined with 360 assessment in order to identify hidden potential, grow in line with strengths and avoid derailers…

Lumina Spark – includes phone app profile and online spark coach

Corporate Social Responsibility: we believe in using our skills to support professionals who find themselves unemployed and seeking a new or different role. We volunteer our services to Careers Springboard in the Thames Valley and have worked closely with them for ten years. They provide virtual seminars, Coaching and Networking support. This charity has been supported by the Mayor of Bracknell as you can see below.



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