A recent survey (AGS) on hiring levels showed that globally 51% of organizations report they are taking on staff, in Western Europe 35% of companies are currently hiring. This brings additional problems as many are competing for ‘ideal fit’ top candidates. Part of the solution is to throw the net wider and interview individuals who may have great potential but are not an exact fit for the role. The spectre of time and money being wasted by hiring the wrong candidate is always on the horizon. Research from USA shows that for senior positions up to 55% of recent appointees fail in the first year of appointment ( Hogan & Hogan).
Therefore smart companies are reducing recruiting mistakes by using external specialists to help profile the role, culture and candidate fit using customised personality assessments which provides a candidate profile (such as our Full Depth Profile) to explore traits and competencies that can’t be seen easily at interview thus adding depth to the interview process enabling a better choice to be made.