Client Feedback

Johnson & Johnson
I can strongly recommend Nina’s work, I have utilised Nina’s knowledge, core skills and depth to implement a 360 appraisal process across the senior management team in a medical device business. This was a very successful process and her management of the program was first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nina’s expertise in this area.
– Roy Smith, Former Director
Nina Len and Q-OPD designed and implemented a pan-European core competency framework, 360 feedback questionnaires for both the Board & Senior Manager level and Middle Manager roles. She implemented and managed the whole process and then worked on a global 360 Feedback Leadership project. All the projects were implemented successfully, she was helpful in addressing challenges and her level of innovation was high. In depth knowledge, good presentation and research, credible with excellent levels of confidentiality.”
Frances Doonan HR Director Johnson & Johnson

Legal & General Insurance & Investments
Nina provided an excellent 360 multi-rater feedback service covering initial diagnostic of potential reviewees to full report production and group based evaluation data where applicable/required. The Q-OPD 360 online product was (and still is) extremely well received within the management population where it was predominantly utilised and Nina’s in depth knowledge of her product and subject matter was exceptional. On a personal level I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nina who was always available when I needed her.
– Sean Donovan, Operations Manager, Management Development

Invesco Asset Management
It was a pleasure to work with Nina; she provided great support and advice to the business and HR team on many topics including coaching, the different psychometric tools that could be used for development and hiring and also recommending solutions for team development. MBTI is a particular strength and she provided some great insights on how to use the tool in relation to change management and influencing people.
– Caroline Atkinson, Head of Human Resources UK & CE

Richard provided myself and other colleagues with professional and lifestyle coaching. He is hugely skilled at what he does and has a wealth of experience to draw on. I would say he is one of the best coaches I have come across. The courses run by his company are also very professional, thought provoking and will have a lasting impact on anyone who has the opportunity to take part. A truly inspirational coach.
– James Hogg, Director GSK

Bank of Cyprus
I now have a very clear idea how to carry out Executive Coaching. Richard has a fascinating facilitating manner which keeps the audience interested and involved.
– Rosemary Bill, Human Resources

Network Rail
I enjoyed working with Richard who demonstrated an expert knowledge of his subject. He combined it with a highly personable delivery which made it easy for me to work well with him from the beginning. Likeable and trustworthy, he challenged me and made me think hard about my priorities. I was very happy indeed with the results.
– Victoria Pender, Group Director, Government & Corporate Affairs

Reed & Mackay Corporate Travel
We worked with Q-OPD recently and they delivered a fantastic 360 product for us. One element we really found valuable was the dual rating aspect of the 360 reports, something you don’t see in a lot of other providers. In addition to the product, Richard and Nina were amazing – their knowledge, engagement and support throughout the process was second to none.

Nina has helped us with a project as part of our Leadership programme and I would whole heartedly recommend her. From beginning to end Nina was professional and supported us in working to some challenging deadlines to deliver a fantastic end result with great value.
– Julia Assock, Head of Learning & Development

Army School Of Recruitment
Q-OPD were a tremendous asset bringing an innovative approach to updating Army Recruiter Training. They developed an entirely new package based in NLP but specifically targeted towards the Army’s requirements. The feedback from students on their courses was always very positive and I thoroughly endorse that position having attended the Q-OPD NLP Practitioner course.

Richard is an outstanding instructor and coach whether on a one to one basis or working with groups. He provides thought provoking, innovative instruction that gets straight to the nub of an issue. I have seen him work with audiences who were initially extremely sceptical who were won round by Richard’s detailed knowledge and inclusive approach to instruction.
– Major Charles Humphreys

My first contact with Nina was during the development of some bespoke psychometrics for Johnson & Johnson Professional Products. In this role I was impressed by her competence and insight. Later I employed her for a specific team building exercise for my Brussels based team. We all learnt something from our days together as well as getting a better understanding of our colleagues and their motivation.
– Brian Chapman, Director, Education & Training

Hampshire Police Constabulary
Richard evaluated the current appraisal and promotion system for Hampshire Constabulary. His analysis was excellent and incorporated a very wide research context into the Police Service. He delivered pragmatic solutions incorporating academic and practical experience, which the Constabulary utilised. I have also used this company in the past and highly recommend their wide ranging services. I intend to explore the use of Risk Type in personality profiles in the future as it is applicable to Law Enforcement and other sectors involved in security.
– Dr Brian Seggie, Learning & Development Manager

United Business Media
The Q-OPD 360° Feedback process was introduced as part of a Leadership Development programme in UBM and showed itself to be a powerful development tool which added to the development journey. Q-OPD provided the online customised 360 and trained our facilitators to give feedback plus provided external coaches to support the process. I was initially reluctant to expose myself to the process but I am so glad I did!”

The programme we attended altered perceptions and the way you approach and manage relationships, both at work and personal relationships. I have to admit to a degree of “not really sure this is for me” but by the end of Day 1, I was converted – Richard created a learning environment that felt both safe and empowering. I would defy anyone to go on the programme and not come away energised by a real learning experience!”
– Michael Peden, Former Group HR/Legal Director and Group HR Manager

Q-OPD trained a range of people at director level, including Directors, Senior Managers, Sales Managers and New Managers they have worked with us since 1997 . They designed and implemented a 360-degree appraisal system and programme at management level, and then trained the managers to use it themselves. They delivered an individual coaching and a leadership skills programme, which included elements such as emotional intelligence and behavioural awareness.They are credible and had excellent levels of confidentiality. They listened to what we had to say and they always wanted feedback. They are very enthusiastic and showed good attention to detail. Nina’s USP is that she has a background in healthcare marketing and sales, and this meant that she had awareness of the industry as well as hands-on experience. She also has an excellent academic background. Nina also worked with
me interviewing MBA students in Europe – Madrid & Netherlands to screen them for the global leadership talent programme.

– Frances Doonan, HR Director, Retired

“I’ve used Q-OPD for two 360 feedback projects now and the 360 products and support have been excellent. The second project was only small but this did not affect the high level of service we received. Our Managers have found the 360 feedback reports extremely useful; it was actually their request to use Q-OPD a second time. “
– Helen Johnson, Learning & Development Manager

The Emotional Intelligence programme covered a very important topic and made it accessible to practitioners in their field. The relevance was clear and the material excellent.
– Paul Doyle, Strategic Development Manager

Department of Trade and Industry
A good mix of coaching techniques, catering for a variety of learning styles.
– Tony Cash, Assistant Director and Senior Consultant, PTSC

I have worked with Nina over a number of years and frequently use the suite of 360 feedback instruments offered by Q-OPD.
From my experience, the gap analysis adds real value to the feedback process and many of my clients have reaped the benefits of the insights this type of analysis brings.

I am very much looking forward to the launch of Talent Enabler and the value add I anticipate this will bring to the development process.
– Denise Stroud, Head of L&D

Boehringer Ingelheim
Extremely informative, interesting and fun. Richard created and maintained an environment in which I was keen to learn. This course empowers you with communication that will allow you to understand & influence real changes in the way you work, live and achieve your potential.
– Jane Pierce, HRD Manager

London Fire Brigade
This coaching programme is a very good introduction to the area of Executive Coaching and provides a beneficial coaching framework.
– Phil Wilson, Chief Psychologist and Chief Assessor, Civil Service Fast Stream

360 Feedback consultancy from Q-OPD was very useful at understanding the benefits and putting together a strategy for selling in the 360 linked with the importance of following through with the development plans’.
– Pauline Johnson, Business Training Manager

Avis Budget Group
I worked with Nina when we introduced 360 as a development tool within our commercial team. She is fun and easy to work with , completely dependable , pragmatic and determined.
– Lesley Mapletoft, Head of HR

Nina has worked directly with both myself and my team, bringing the Lumina Spark assessment to life and helping us take some clear and meaningful actions. I’ve really enjoyed working with Nina and highly recommend her to anyone considering how they can better understand themselves, their team and what will make a difference.
-Rob Jackson, VP, Finance Operations
I’ve worked with Nina on a couple of occasions now in different organisations, and each time she has been marvellous. Sharp and insightful in her assessment of senior leaders, and supportive in her coaching style, enabling individuals to grow in their confidence and travel effectively on their chosen development path. Highly recommended!
– Karen Townsend, People Director

The Royal College of Pathologists secured Nina Len to design and implement a 360 feedback process to improve leadership effectiveness and a second 360 feedback assessment for the staff to improve communication and performance.
Nina listened to our needs, supported the project by being available, scientifically led and created a safe space of confidence; resulting in a successful first ever 360 feedback for the management team. Recommended!
Sharonne Baiden HR & Development Manager