Why is trust critical for leaders, change and organisational success?

Trusted leaders get better results

Leaders need to have trusting relationships with their staff and colleagues in order to get things done. Low trust literally costs the company money.

  • Leaders and managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores
  • Effective leaders get 40% better results, client satisfaction and reduced turnover of staff.

How can you increase trust, motivation, results?

Neuroscience shows that leaders can actively manage for a culture of trust by implementing organisational and leadership practices that raise oxytocin levels (the so-called ‘trust hormone’) in others, thereby impacting key organisational measures.

Leading and creating high-performing teams programme

Following our workshop or coaching, leaders will have:

  • A deep understanding on how their behaviours impact the culture of trust in their team
  • A full NeuroView assessment report which shows how trusted they are by their staff and also identifies areas for improvement
  • A personal development plan to improve team engagement, trust and effectiveness
  • A 12 month Talent Enabler personal development platform that utilises neuroscience principles to support the transfer of new behaviours and other changes into their leadership role in the workplace

Using the latest neuroscience research, the workshop is based on the the NeuroView Leadership upward assessment that measures the eight practices associated with enhancing high performance and high trust cultures.
This workshop is for leaders at any level and also for high-potential talent. The NeuroView questionnaire is completed by the leader’s staff or in the case of high potential talent their colleagues and their manager. The resulting NeuroView report enables the leader to see their trust behaviours through the eyes of others and pinpoints areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Executive Coaching for leaders to build staff engagement

Based on the Neuroview upward assessment, we offer a one-to-one Executive Coaching programme for individuals an accredited coaches. This includes:

  • Four coaching meetings
  • NeuroView assessment and report
  • Development plan
  • Talent Enabler personal development platform for 12 months.