Measuring and Maximising Perfomance

Increase your employees trust and confidence in the 360 process by ensuring that you or your internal 360 facilitators are fully trained and accredited in the Q-OPD 360 process. We offer a range of workshops that cover different parts of the development cycle:

Creating ‘buy-in’ to the 360 Feedback process and establishing the parameters of its use
Facilitating the feedback effectively so that you enable observable behavioural change to happen
Coaching models and resources that facilitate behaviour change
Providing the Talent Enabler process builds accountability for their development and provides 12 months of resources to enable the person to manage their time and embed their new behaviours in the workplace.

Additional resources

360 feedback accreditation

In order to get the most value from the Q-OPD 360 reports facilitators go through an accreditation. We provide you with a wealth of information such as handouts, PPT slides, exercises that will maximise change, etc.

We offer two types of workshop:

The Fast track workshop
The Masterclass programme.

Conversational Coaching skills

Managers often lack time for formal coaching meetings with their staff. This programme provides busy managers with the means to coach their their staff any time, any where. By employing these techniques employees will feel valued and will flourish in their roles.

The Conversational Coaching workshop

Talent Enabler

When people try to change their behaviour at work their best intentions often crumble in the face of operational pressures. The cost-implications for both company and person are severe. What is needed is something that encourages people at work to practice new behaviours at work …
The Talent Enabler provides a means to embed new behaviours and skills in the workplace.

Feedback from some of our clients

“Extremely informative, interesting and fun. Richard and Nina created and maintained an environment in which I was keen to learn.” – Jane Pierce, HRD Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bracknell, Berkshire UK.
“An interesting course that prepares participants to be facilitators of 360 Feedback.” – Principal Educational Psychologist, Lambeth Borough, London
“An intensive course which provides a solid foundation to build in depth skills for coaching.” – Claire Alexander, Orange UK, Bristol

and more …

“A practical, in-depth study of Executive Coaching with ‘real world’ applications. Valuable structure and models to help the impact of the coaching process.” – Andrew McFarlane, Managing Director (Auto Publication), London
“Very useful at understanding the benefits and putting together a strategy for selling in the 360 linked with the importance of following through with the development plans.” – Pauline Johnson, Business Training Manager, NPower Ltd, North East England